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High Priest Of Saturn ‎– High Priest Of

High Priest Of Saturn ‎– High Priest Of
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High Priest Of Saturn ‎– High Priest Of
Référence : HIBMSSLP48
Second pressing:
500 x black
Stuck up on the icy western coast of Norway, Trondheim might not be the easiest
way to embark on intergalactic voyages but it surely does hold an incredibly versatile metal and rock scene whose latest avatar is ready to take you on a hell of a trip.

Self-described as a psychedelic doom act inspired by classic stoner bands and 60s and 70s psychedelic rock, High Priest of Saturn are a three piece that consist of guitarist Martin Sivertsen and guitarist-drummer Andreas Hagen's slow-pounding riffs and beats and Merethe Heggset's eerie vocals, which seem to resonate from another dimension. The entire opus then is drenched with swirling, menacing vintage organ sounds, played on the album by Ole Kristian Malmedal.

Groovy yet epic (none of the four tracks presented here are below the nine minutes mark!), High Priest of Saturn's debut full-length is a trip. Not only does it fulfill the many promises offered by their 2011 demo (whose two songs have been re-recorded here in even heavier and more mesmerizing versions), but it also propels this trio towards the same league as Sleep and Acid King, towards the sky and beyond
Track list:
A1 Protean Towers
A2 Kraken Mare
B1 Crawling King Snake
B2 On Mayda Insula
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