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Moloch ‎– Depressive Black Metal Plague

Moloch ‎– Depressive Black Metal Plague
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Moloch ‎– Depressive Black Metal Plague
Referencia : MOBMSSEP15
Moloch - Depressive Black Metal Plague /// one-sided LP, ltd. 100. PT029
Ukraine's one-man black metal / ambient phenomenon Moloch had this vision for a one-sided LP, and we at Prison Tatt are more than excited to bring it to you. These are four anthems of esoteric despair; three previously issued on the Isolation der Essensz CD, but these versions are mastered for vinyl from Moloch's original, analog master recordings, different mixes entirely—more bottom heavy, rich with gloomy atmosphere, and Moloch's guitar sounds like an all-surrounding shroud of cobwebs; the fourth, a new, unreleased track, a powerful gut-punch that's worth the price of the package alone. Altogether, a must for existing Moloch fans and those yet to be. (Re)titled "Plague I-IV" these tracks represent a comprehensive vision of Moloch's finest DSBM compositions, and if you're not reaching for your razor by the end, you haven't listened closely enough. Sleeve designed by the artist, and silkscreened by Seizure Palace.
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