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Dødsengel ‎– Interequinox

Dødsengel ‎– Interequinox
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Dødsengel ‎– Interequinox
Référence : DOBMSSLP
Five years after the grandiose "Imperator", the Norwegian Angel Of Death returns with a truly outstanding new full length album "Interequinox" - a monstrous maelstrom of eclectic, theatrical Black Metal mixed with hints of ecstatic horror, psychedelia and pure beauty.

Meticulously composed with passion and devotion, this cathartic offering is a powerful torrent of immersive melodies, hypnotic riffing and, above all, an array of spectacular vocals - harsh, clean, male, female, sensual and frightening - the narrative is both complex and wonderfully captivating.

With "Interequinox" DØDSENGEL have conjured an astonishing piece of Esoteric Black Metal, a dark, immersive Occult Opera and an unmissable sonic experience this year!

All copies come with printed innersleeves.
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