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Sunn O))) ‎– Black One

Sunn O))) ‎– Black One
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Sunn O))) ‎– Black One
Référence : SUBMSSLP76
Initial tracks recorded in September & November 2004 at The Sanctuary. Primary tracks recorded in May 2005 at Donner-Blitzen, mixed in May 2005 at Donner-Blitzen. Ambarchi pieces recorded at Jerker House, overdubs and mixing done at BigJesusBurger in June 2005, assembled at Donner-Blitzen in July 2005. Additional 4-tracking on Wrest & Malefic's machines in early 2005.
Mastered at Capitol Mastering.

2015 reissue on 180G 2xLP on black vinyl with thick Stoughton style gatefold jacket.
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